Pursue Greatness This Summer

Islamic Studies has the power to ground one’s perspective on reality by providing principles of truth backed by detailed evidence. Many people are confused on their purpose in life and are even more confused by current events all accross the world. We all know that Islam is a religion of peace and mercy, but why then are people unable to articulate its message clearly and unapologetically? Knowledge is the only way forward and the only way towards greatness. Take advantage of your summer by advancing your Islamic Studies and consequently advancing your purpose in life.

The courses below will be offered during the summer semester, which starts on May 8th.


Basic Arabic by Dr. Muthanna Alkhaldi on Fridays @  6 pm (CST)


Fiqh of Worship 1 by Dr. Main Alqudah on Sundays @ 4 pm (CST)


Analytical Interpretation of Hadeeth by Dr. Main Alqudah on Sundays @ 2 pm (CST)



Islam in America by Dr. Khalid Kebbati on Wednesdays @ 5 pm (CST)


The Biography of The Prophet 2 by Dr. Main Alqudah on Thursdays @ 7 pm (CST)


Analytical Interpretation of Quran 1 by Sh. Muhammad Haq on Sundays @ 11 am (CST)


Fiqh of Worship 2 by Dr. Bachir Djehiche on Wednesdays @ 6 pm (CST)


Muslim Family Law 2 by Sh. Yosof Wanly on Sundays @ 12 pm (CST)

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